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Eureka..! I got the idea..! Is that so..? Is that sudden thought born in our mind, or did we just read it in the field of collective knowledge at one point? Maybe there is actually a world of ideas and knowledge that surrounds us… Does the idea have a form..? I don't believe it - it will be some kind of energy record, but if we were to present the idea as a certain form, what would it look like..? "My" idea is that the idea could be presented in a spherical form… Each spherical form in my work, in fact, represents one idea… Many of these ideas are somewhere in the space around us, waiting for our energy waves to be resonant with the wavelength of each of them individually so that some idea at a given moment becomes - the idea of someone from us..! "The world of ideas" is a cycle of works, which represent many spherical forms united in various unrecognizable shapes to the human mind… Some of these ideas are looking at us, have eyes, which symbolically means that at a given moment some of these ideas actually became "our" ideas, they revealed themselves in front of us, they accepted us just as we accepted them. Every idea has a unique wavelength just the same as every man is unique. The difference is that man can change his wavelength of body, emotions, and mind in his constant transformation from one level to another. How high or how low energy level we are, depends only on us. A world of ideas is all around, waiting for us..!

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Svet Ideja

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180 × 80 cm
Acrylic, Canvas
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Not framed
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