Marjan Marić, born in Srpska Crnja on January 8, 1979. In year 1998, finished Zrenjanin Gymnasium in 1998. He entered the Academy of Arts in 2008 in Banja Luka, department: painting.
He graduated in 2012 in the class of Professor Vesa Sovilja.
In Novi Sad, he enrolled in a master study in 2012 in the class of professor Stevan Kojić, the direction of a new art medium.
He defended master work "Intermediate Transmission of Cubes and X-rays" in 2014 at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, in the class of Professor Stevan Kojić, in direction of new fine arts.
From 2017. Member of SULUV.

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Collective exhibitions:
2009. Minimum Maximuma, Bansko Dvor - cultural center, Banja Luka;
2009 International Biennial of Miniatures, Tuzla;
2009. Graphic exhibition of students of the Academy of Arts, Banja Luka;
2010. EX libris Dunav, Pančevo;
2011. Humanitarian Exhibition for Japan, National Museum of Republic Srpska, Banja Luka;
2012. Minum Maximuma, National Museum of Republic Srpska, Banja Luka.
2013. Strategy Art, Progress Gallery, Belgrade.
2013. Focus, photo exhibition, Šabac.
2017. Exhibition of new members of SULUV, gallery SULUV, Novi Sad.
2017. Summer sales exhibition, cultural center of Novi Sad, Novi Sad.

Solo exhibitions:
2010. "Deconstruction of the Act", building of the Rectorate Banja Luka;

2011. "Refreshment", Bansko Dvor - cultural center, Banja Luka;

2012. "Vibrant Fields", Republic Srpska Assembly, Banja Luka;

2012. "My wife's smell", Children's Theater, R.S. Banja Luka.

2014. "Transformation of Quantum Intentions", C.C. House of King Peter I, Belgrade.

2014. "Intermediate Transmission of Cubes and RTGs. Films ", M.C. Academy of Arts, Novi Sad.

2015 "Left and right hemisphere of the brain", City Gallery, Novi Sad.

2015 "Orientation", Center for Culture, Pozarevac.

2016. "Transposition", Gallery C.C. Laza Kostic, Sombor.

2017. '' Transposition 24.35. ", Contemporary Gallery, Zrenjanin.

2017. "What would it be if it were", c.c.House of Đura Jakšic, Skadarlija, Belgrade.

2017. "Time of Truth", c.c.House of Đura Jakšić, Srpska Crnja.

2017. "You received a gift, for a gift and give" c.c. small art salon, Novi Sad.

Lives and Works: Serbia, Srpska Crnja

Marić Marjan joined SerbianaArt on May 11, 2020.

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