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Discover my website: This work of mine is from the "Emotion" collection, so it is one of my favorites. Wood as a theme to common appear on my creations. The trees are silent, but they still "speak and teach" us. Listen, admire, feel, appreciate, plant, take care, enjoy ... It will be painted around the edges and can be hung without a frame. This will ship direct from my studio. Brand new and in excellent condition. My paintings are signed on the canvas and paintings finished with a varnish. I also send a certificate of authenticity with the paintings. The transport costs are paid by the buyer. New! With selected images, you can order a floating frame in different colors (white, natural, brown, black, gold) and in various dimensions. For size and price contact me. Welcome and thank you for peeking in :) ♥ CONTACT ME with any questions!!!

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Never Give Up #9

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40 × 100 cm
Acrylic, Canvas
Abstract landscape
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Not framed
On Request
Ask for sale
Please contact the artist directly to inquire about the conditions of purchase.
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Artist Domonkoš Murenji Žužana

Acrylic - Canvas | 50×100 cm
On Request
Acrylic - Canvas | 30×30 cm
On Request
Acrylic - Canvas | 60×60 cm
On Request
Mixed Media - Canvas | 60×40 cm
On Request
Acrylic - Canvas | 60×60 cm
1 000
Acrylic - Canvas | 65×85 cm
On Request
Acrylic - Canvas | 200×150 cm
3 000
Acrylic - Canvas | 60×60 cm
1 000