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This work of mine is from the ``Natura`` collection. Brown is one of the neutral colors and creates a soft, organic effect in our home. In fact, brown is an ever-fashionable color, as natural materials contain shades like wood, stone, brick, or terracotta. A pleasant shade of brown can triumph almost everywhere. Combined with gold, the brown is not only showy, but evokes a sense of richness and elegance. Some styles require the use of brown. The basic color of country, vintage and other ethno styles is brown, as natural materials, wood and stone play a major role in these. Brown has a very beneficial therapeutic effect. We feel the strength, reliability and stability of the brown color, and that is why we tell the people who like brown that they like security, in addition to which it is easy to dream and meditate. The painting is made in an abstract style with a rich texture. With good lighting, a magical impression of the interior can be created. The painting has a personality that relaxes, calms and helps to find peace of mind. I really want the images I create to make people happier. Each of them finds something interesting and intimate in it. No photo can present a painting in its own beauty and power, it could only be a hint. When an observer finds a piece of his world, his own truth, in my painting, then my art comes to life. I feel happy when my works touch someone's heart. Lastly, one advice - Buy art with your heart, not your head. ************************************************************************************* OPTIONAL FLOATING FRAME If you like to add a wooden floating frame (white, natural, brown, black, gold) to make your artwork complete, this can be purchased separately - please, contact me for further information. ************************************************************************************* Express delivery (FedEx) - in this case the shipping cost is paid by the buyer, but the delivery time is 5-10 days. Please contact me to discuss the details. ...or Free shipping!!!...If I send the painting (ready to hang) by Post, the delivery time will be longer (15-30 days), but the shipping cost will be borne by me. The package can be tracked. If you are interested in this option please contact me before you place your order and we will work out what is best for you. ************************************************************************************* CUSTOM FEES AND DUTIES Shipped from the Serbia. Customs fees and duties vary from country to country and they are the recipient's responsibility. These fees are not included in shipping estimate. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to message me.

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40 × 100 cm
Acrylic, Canvas
Still life
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Not framed
On Request
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Artist Zuzana Murenji Domonkos

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