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This abstract painting, called "Symbiosis of Colors", depicts a vibrant and dynamic urban scene through the play of colors and shapes. The image stands out with the following features:

Color Palette: Uses a rich color palette that includes shades of gray, orange, blue, red and yellow. These colors are applied in thick layers, creating a vibrant and energetic composition.

Structure and Texture: The combination of straight lines and circular motifs, along with different textures, adds depth and complexity to the image. White and black colors contribute to the contrast and definition of different shapes.

Motifs and Symbolism: The painting evokes the feeling of an urban landscape, with tall buildings blending with abstract elements. Circular motifs can represent movement, dynamism or even harmony within urban chaos.

Composition: The use of geometric shapes and their relationships gives the image a structure reminiscent of a city panorama, while abstract elements bring a sense of freedom and creativity.

Emotional Impression: "Colour Symbiosis" evokes a feeling of energy and rhythm, which are often associated with life in a big city. At the same time, colors and shapes bring a sense of harmony and balance.

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Symbiosis of Colors

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100 × 80 cm
Mixed Media, Canvas
Subject composition
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Not framed
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