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``THE TWINS`` is part of my „Beauty” collection. With good lighting, you can create a magical atmosphere in the interior. The painting has a personality that relaxes, calms and helps to find peace of mind. I really want the images I create to make people happier. Each of them finds something interesting and intimate in it. No photo can present a painting in its own beauty and power, it could only be a hint. When an observer finds a piece of his world, his own truth, in my painting, then my art comes to life. I feel happy when my works touch someone's heart. Lastly, one advice - Buy art with your heart, not your head. ************************************************************************************* BEAUTY COLLECTION: The collection of paintings called BEAUTY represents the beauty of the female body and the female untouchable soul, an attractive theme for artists of all profiles. The uncovered, naked female body is a constant theme of the artist, which most likely grew out of the need to reproduce the human race and thus represents the urge to survive. My works show the beauty of the female body shyly, with reserve. I try to show a woman’s mentality in addition to the body. The paintings are characterized by classic elements with abstract background decorations, creating a perfect whole. In this way, she follows femininity according to the current trend and is very attractive in collectors’ circles. They go extremely well with classic and modern interiors. I am convinced that these works, this beauty will never fade, will always be an attractive and active element of your living space, which will delight you for life. ************************************************************************************* In the case of an international order, the price of the painting is higher than indicated due to shipping costs. Please note this and contact me for details. Express delivery (FedEx) - in this case the shipping cost is paid by the buyer, but the delivery time is 5-10 days. Please contact me to discuss the details. or... If I send the painting by post (hanging), the delivery time is longer (15-30 days), but the shipping cost is significantly lower. The package can be tracked. If you are interested in this option, please contact me before ordering and we will work out the one that works best for you. Thank you for your interest in my paintings. Have a nice day!

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80 × 80 cm
Acrylic, Canvas
Nude women
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Not framed
On Request
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Artist Domonkoš Murenji Žužana

Domonkoš Murenji Žužana

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Domonkoš Murenji Žužana

Acrylic - Canvas | 80 × 80 cm
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Domonkoš Murenji Žužana

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Domonkoš Murenji Žužana

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