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``For the Slavs Vesna was the goddess of spring, and was associated with youth. Vesna was a very popular goddess among people because she replaced winter and death that is Morana. Morana, however, was the goddess of winter, and this time for the Slavs was associated with death. In past times winter was characterized by a scarcity of food from various diseases caused by the cold, and then associated with death. Vesna wore the green fields, the meadows, nice weather, favorable to life and work. With these changes in the nature Vesna brought joy into the homes of the Slavs. The Slavs celebrated spring because it won winter and announced the summer season. As spring symbolized the beginning of a beautiful season, when it bloomed, the nature awoke, all was reborn and renewed life, Vesna had her role as a goddess of youth. Vesna was one of the sunnier goddesses and was loved by people very much. It is precisely for this reason in particular the Serbs, had the custom of giving the name Vesna to a female. People, who gave the name Vesna to a daughter, believed that their daughter would be happy and cheerful just like the goddess Vesna, or, as spring. Her name comes from an Indian word vas that means solar, illuminated and shiny. The word vas is located in the root of the name Vesna. This also shows that the deity Vesna was present in the Slavic people even when they were in India, and before they moved to Europe. In particular, Vesna was a model for women. She was beautiful and powerful and around her the wonderful scent spread. In addition to beauty, she is also attributed to the power of the Sun, without which she could not get spring.``

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52 × 72 cm
Oil, Canvas
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Not framed
3 200
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