Anđela Milošević is an artist, designer and illustrator who lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia, with a rich history of solo and group exhibitions, Renaissance concerts, bands and design projects. Her work can be found worldwide in the form of paintings, illustrations, corporate graphics, designs, prints and visual art.

2010 – Graduated from the School of Design / Department of Industrial and Interior Design

2015 – Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts / Department of Visual Arts

2016 – Completed Master's studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts / Department of Visual Arts

2015-2020 - Teacher of creative and art workshops and graphic designer of the Education Center "Đuro Salaj"

2020- Founder and designer of the design studio "Digital Creators"

Realized 12 solo/independent exhibitions and over 60 group juried exhibitions in Serbia, EU countries, and Asia...

-          A member of the internationally recognized association ULUPUDS.

She ran a creative studio for children "PIKOLO" for more than seven years

For four years, she was the chief graphic designer at the "Djuro Salaj" Education Center, as well as an educator of creative and art workshops, organizer of exhibitions, etc.

Awarded several times as an artist, exhibitor and representative of the "Đuro Salaj" or "Piccolo" art school.

Founder and chief designer of the web, design and marketing studio "Digital Creators"

Lives and Works: Serbia, Beograd

Andjela Miloševic joined SerbianaArt on Feb 20, 2019.

Random select artworks