Emili Sun was born on December 1, 1984 in Belgrade. Emili is an artist who has been painting and writing for many years. She has a published collection of poems, stories and tributes entitled The Whispering of the Constellations, which she illustrated herself. She has created a solo virtual exhibition of paintings "The Whispering of the Constellations" on the Artsteps website as a gift to her readers. Also, all paintings and illustrations from the exhibition are available in multiple formats for art lovers. As a participant in two group exhibitions in Belgrade, she presented several of her paintings and works. Her mission is to create interesting and original content through the Emili Sun Art brand that encourages the creativity and playfulness of the human spirit. The most beloved and memorable Art gifts are created with the "Billionaire Sun" concept of abundance through the leitmotif of paintings, illustrations, books, exhibitions and workshops. She have blog ljubav na kub and tries to explore the creativity in herself and in others. Also follows a personal life motto that everything CHEERFUL HEART DESIRES, A DILIGENT MIND ACHIEVES.

Lives and Works: Serbia, Beograd

Emili Sun joined SerbianaArt on Jan 7, 2023.

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