BIOGRAPHY Zoran Misic was born in Smederevo on 3rd November in 1967. He graduated Art at Belgrade Art College at Belgrade University in 1993 and received Art master degree in 1995. His advisor was professor Cedomir Vasic. He became member of Art Association in Serbia in 1994 and member of Sumadija Art group in 2002. He participated at several art workshops. His artwork is kept and exhibited at the National Museum in Belgrade and the Local Museum in Gornji Milanovac. JOINT EXHIBITIONS He displayed his works at notable joint exhibitions more than seventy times from 1990 to 2016. INDEPENDENT EXHIBITIONS 1995. Beldgade, Gallery of the Ilija M.Kolarac Fondation 1996. Velika Plana, Gallery of Youth Hall 1997. Belgrade, Gallery Andrićev venac 1998. Velika Plana, Gallery of Youth Hall 1999. Kruševac, Art Gallery of National Museum 2000. Belgrade, Djura Jakšić House 2003. Kragujevac, Modern Gallery of National Museum 2007. Belgrade, Gallery ULUS 2007. Belgrade, Gallery Atrijum,The City Library 2008. Velika Plana, Gallery of Youth Hall 2014. Belgrade, Gallery Frame ART 2014. Belgrade, Gallery Atrijum,The City Library PUBLIC WORKS 1993. Beograd, mural on Ecological nursery school 1994. Pirot, mural on Cultural Saloon 1998. -1999. Bajmok, St. George church painting 2004. Belgrade, mural on school "Maria Bursac" 2016. Trnovče kraj Vel. Plane, ikone za ikonostas crkve sv. Trojica AWARDS 1993. Big Art Prize from the Art College, Foundation of Rista and Beta Vukanović 1996. Annual Prize of Gallery of the Ilija M.Kolarac Foundation for best art exhibition in season 1995/96. 1997. October Art Prize from Velika Plana

Lives and Works: Serbia, Beograd

Misic Zoran Zifft joined SerbianaArt on Jul 28, 2011.

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