Sanja Luković, born in 1977 in Kruševac, is a distinguished artist with over two decades of experience in painting. Her art encompasses work with acrylics, oils, graphite, Russian dry brush technique, and pastels, demonstrating a wide range of skills and a continuous dedication to exploring new expressive possibilities.

She has participated in numerous art colonies and exhibited at many exhibitions, occupying a prominent place in the art scene. As a member of several art associations, Sanja stands out not only for her artistic work but also for her contribution to the promotion of art.

Her work, ranging from portraits to abstract compositions, reflects deep introspection and a quest for perfection, inviting the viewer on an emotional journey through universal human experiences.

"Art is not merely a reproduction of what we see; it is the magic of creating feelings."

This quote encapsulates the spirit of Sanja Luković as an artist, whose works serve as a bridge between aesthetics and emotion, provoking deep thought and connection.

Lives and Works: Serbia, Kruševac

Sanja Lukovic joined SerbianaArt on Feb 18, 2024.

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