Jovan Simović was born in 1955. in the village of Donja Vrbava near G.Milanovac.
He is a member of art society in Kragujevac. Sculptor. Besides sculpture, he is pursue with drawings and pastels.
He had 19 independent and 100 group expositions..
Realized sculpture in space: ''Kovačnica's Renaissance'' Kragujevac 2002.
There are 60 sculptures in private and public colections.
Lives and works in Kragujevac.
He won a prize for the sculpture from Fine Artists of Kragujevac in 2011. He is the only Serbian representative in the Travelling Exhibition " Family Unity-Unity of the World" with his sculpture "Family " made of metal. The exhibition was opened on October 17, 2011 in Moskow and is organized by the Artistic Fund of Yekaterinburg (Russia). Artist from 100 countries from each continent are participating in the exhibition. It will pay a visit to all participants countries.
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Lives and Works: Serbia, Kragujevac

Simovic Jovan joined SerbianaArt on Aug 3, 2011.

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