Lazarevic Sinisa

Fine artist from Arandjelovac. He is a member of the Association of Fine Artists of the City of Belgrade - ULUB. It has its own permanent display in the Stara varoš club-restaurant in Topola, as well as in the Green Wood apartment in Arandjelovac. The icon of St. Anastasia, which is the work of his hands, is located in the monastery of St. Anastasia in Arizona. His paintings are in private collections around the world.

The art of impressionism is one of the most famous styles in the history of painting, known for its light, color palette and representation of nature in a new and innovative way. Landscapes are an indispensable part of this movement, and I, as an artist Siniša Lazarević, am a passionate painter of impressionistic landscapes in oil on canvas. For example, a bright sun and vivid colors of green, yellow and blue make a magical scene on canvas. On the other hand, late afternoon or dusk can create softer and warmer tones, and a winter scene can display cooler tones with blues and grays. shades. All my impressionistic landscapes are created with care and love for nature. Each brushstroke is carefully designed to evoke the moment and feeling I want to convey on the canvas. I always strive for my landscapes to be alive and dynamic, and every detail in the painting it has its place and importance. If you like impressionistic landscapes and want to have one on the wall of your home or office, my paintings are the perfect choice. Each of my works is unique and original, and you can find different sizes and motifs in my studio. Enjoy the wonderful world impressionistic landscapes and let my paintings bring color and beauty into your life. Contact me today so that together we can find the perfect landscape that suits your style and taste.

Lives and Works: Serbia, Aranđelovac

Lazarevic Sinisa joined SerbianaArt on Feb 7, 2021.

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