Born on May 15, 1957, in Donji Dušnik, at the foot of the Suva Mountain.

I completed elementary school in Paraćin, high school in Ćuprija, the Higher School for Conservation and Restoration in Belgrade, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad in 1986. I have been a member of the Serbian Fine Arts Association (ULUS) since 1985, as well as a member of the International Association of Art (IAA AIAP UNESCO).

I have held around fifty solo exhibitions (with my first solo exhibition taking place in 1974 at the exhibition space of the Army House in Ćuprija), and participated in about 400 group exhibitions. I have been a participant in a large number of art colonies and gatherings (about 200 participations), as well as international fine arts symposiums (Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, North Macedonia).

I am a recipient of awards for the advancement of culture and for exceptional contributions to culture (International Colony "Roof of Serbia", Leposavić), with my dearest awards being the commendation from my fourth-grade teacher Danilka Ristic and the first place in the "Miniature Watercolor" competition at the International Watercolor Colony "Sava" in Bosanski Brod (Republika Srpska).

Besides artistic work, I engage in graphic design and pedagogical work at the Open Studio - art school "SREĆKO" for preparing students for further education in the field of visual and fine arts.

I have been the selector and organizer of traditional student exhibitions: "Easter Egg" (for over 30 years), "New Year's Greetings" (25 years), "Hat Review" (18 years), "Students as Photographers" (10 years), and "To Want, Can, Know, and Be Able" (10 exhibitions, both joint and solo).

I have designed approximately 70 books, posters, charters, and catalogs, and have created about 50 logos.

I have sculpted several portraits in bronze, created numerous mosaics for churches, painted several icons, and worked on frescoes "al-seko".

I live and work in Paraćin.

Lives and Works: Serbia, Paraćin

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