Since high school period art was part of Nebojsa Surlan interests starting from classical literature to visual arts in late twenties. After gymnasium he enrolled Faculty of Technology University of Novi Sad obtaining title M.Sc. of Technology in 2009. Few years after graduating, working on home renovation, he encountered for the first time material like window putty and found that he can make various forms. Since then he started to sculpt and four years later to draw.

More than ten years he is making works that have human character and human body as major theme. Strong focus on portraiture is followed by drawing technique of adding multiple thin layers of color and spreading upper layers by piece of soft material what makes works having increased three-dimensionality and realistic appearance. His gradual evolution to acrylic painter allowed him to introduce another element to his art and extend the range of his talent even further.
Some works depict family members, rest of them are inspired by photographs and various faces from everyday life.

Lives and Works: Serbia, Kragujevac

Šurlan Nebojša joined SerbianaArt on Sep 5, 2013.

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