SvetLana’s artistic journey is a story of passion and transformation.

She was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia before moving to Bali, Indonesia for a scholarship program to study at the University of Art (ISI Denpasar). Despite having a Master’s degree in the Faculty of Culture and Media Management from Belgrade, her strong passion for Art led her to an adventure to study Art, Batik, Painting, and Dance at the University in Indonesia.

There, she spent 7 years learning and studying from international artists from different corners of the world. During this time, Lana created her unique and expressive artistic style. 
In 2022, she created a brand that she named Lana S, dedicated to her true passion: painting, hand-painted silk scarfs, jewelry, and her desire to help and support others. 

Lana’s artistic odyssey took her back to Belgrade, where she immersed herself in the world of Fine Art, opening a window into the soul and providing a chance for you to connect with your own inner intuition.


Lives and Works: Serbia, Beograd

Svetlana Lana Popovic joined SerbianaArt on Jul 10, 2024.

Random select artworks