Tatjana Mitic, born in 1983 in Pristina. She showed an interest in painting from her earliest childhood. Preschool and then school events were an opportunity and a way to confirm her talent. However, her love for the vocation of a future dentist turned her life towards creating new smiles and dealing with aesthetics. Thus, in 2009, after completing his basic studies, he returned to the canvas and at the same time finished his specialist studies in Belgrade. In 2018, he received the title of jaw orthopedics specialist and continued to create new works and smiles in his dental practice. After 16 years in business, she decided to present herself to the general public as a painter. Self-taught and without a mentor, as they say, blessed. This is the first independent exhibition after 3 collective exhibitions of an international character. For her, art is prayer, motivation, love and a way to become a better version of yourself. Welcome to her world.

Lives and Works: Srbija, Beograd

Mitic Tatjana Artico joined SerbianaArt on 31.01.2023..

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