Born in the city, surrounded by tall buildings and different people, back in 1975.

 It was Wednesday and a warm August day.

 Enchanted by nature and the colors that surround me, I walk on clouds, paint with my mind and observe with my heart.

 The whole world is mine, and I am his.

 All life stages,

 all the learning, maturing, knowledge and ignorance convinced me that everything is miraculous and possible at the same time.

 Mother of a young artist into whose sails I send the wind.

 I speak the truth that few want to hear, most respect, and many fear.

 I love my reflection in the mirror, morning and coffee without sugar.

 I love long walks with the chosen one of my soul with whom I grow, mature and conquer mountain peaks.

 I also love the desert and enjoy listening to its silence rich in secrets.

 The elegance of movement, classical ballet and the sound of the piano.

 I serve myself with oblivion instead of hate.

 I prefer a cat to a dog.

 The black part of Eurocream.

 And I think that the earth is round and that it turns because of art and love.

Lives and Works: Serbia, Beograd

VOlgArt. Olga Vujčić joined SerbianaArt on Sep 28, 2022.

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