August Macke

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Šifra: AM01
Anglers on the Rhine
Šifra: AM02
Before Hutladen
Šifra: AM03
Bonn Marienkirche in the Snow
Šifra: AM04
Šifra: AM04
Colored composition (Hommage à Sebastin Johann Bach)
Šifra: AM05
Colour composition
Šifra: AM06
Couple at a garden table
Šifra: AM07
Couple in the forest
Šifra: AM08
Couple on the Forest Track
Šifra: AM09
Elisabeth at the desk
Šifra: AM10
Šifra: AM11
Fashion store
Šifra: AM12
Garden by the lake of Thun
Šifra: AM13
Šifra: AM14
Garden Restaurant
Šifra: AM15
Garden Restaurant 2
Šifra: AM16
Girls in the Open
Šifra: AM17
Girls with fish bell
Šifra: AM18
House in Tegersee
Šifra: AM19
Landscape at the Tegersee 2
Šifra: AM20
Landscape at the Tegersee
Šifra: AM21
Šifra: AM22
Landscape with cows and camels
Šifra: AM23
Landscape with trees
Šifra: AM24
Large bright showcase
Šifra: AM25
Our Garden
Šifra: AM26
People at the Blue Lake
Šifra: AM27
Portrait of Franz Marc
Šifra: AM28
Portrait of the wife of the artist with a hat
Šifra: AM29
Portrait with apples (portrait of the wife of the artist)
Šifra: AM30
Promenaders by the Lake
Šifra: AM31
Šifra: AM32
Riding Hussars
Šifra: AM33
Rose azalea
Šifra: AM34
Russian ballet
Šifra: AM35
Russian ballet 2
Šifra: AM36
Self-Portrait with Hat
Šifra: AM37
St. Mary`s Church with houses and chimney by Macke
Šifra: AM38
Still Life with Hyacinthe
Šifra: AM39
Street with Church in Kandern
Šifra: AM40
Šifra: AM41
Sunny way
Šifra: AM42
Šifra: AM43
Šifra: AM44
Šifra: AM45
Tree in Cornfeld
Šifra: AM46
Vegetable Fields
Šifra: AM47
Walk in the forest