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* You can order each artwork as a print on canvas (quality gallery canvas on a 2cm thick wood frame, ready to hang) in the dimensions of your choosing.

“Streams” are a series of combined technique artworks (watercolor, ink, rapidograph, pencil, gold elements...) where each change of style or technique indicates a different stream – all of them together forming a single image of the river of life, full of different situations, places, emotions and locations, to which the observer gives additional strength and meaning. The streams are infused with nostalgia, memories and subconscious images – a creation where, in addition to fine art rules, the intuitive feeling, the flow, in which direction the image should develop is followed. 

“I’m always here” turns the streams into a world made up of all those places thoughts escape to from reality. Like a constellation, a million thoughts spin in streams of different shapes, colors and sizes – most repetitive among them magnetically attract each other and collide, forming clear images of their contents. Their immeasurable strength and gravity forces other streams to bend and go around them. Regardless, the two figures don’t care about such forces – they’re always there for each other.

#muzika #abstrakcija #abstraction #abstractart #slike #akvareli #muzicari #dance #dancers #igra #pina #music #musicians #music #waterocolors #colors #boje #paintings #jakeboje #radost #zivot #art #andjelamilosevic #angelairis 

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I am always here

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70 × 100 cm
Mixed Media, Paper
Abstract landscape
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Not specified
Framed under glass
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For sale
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