**From England to Australia, Now Creating in Serbia!**

Hey there, I'm thrilled to connect with you! I'm a multi-passionate artist, transitioning from the world of photography and writing to painting, all thanks to the inspiration of my incredible wife.

My canvas becomes a realm of colors and stories waiting to be explored. Every stroke captures the essence of my journey, and now, it's ready to find a new home. Discover art that resonates with your soul, adding a touch of magic to your space. Each piece is a window into my creative universe, inviting you to embark on a visual adventure.

Join me on this creative odyssey – explore my world and let the journey begin!

Direct message me for inquiries and to make these artworks yours. Your journey to artistry starts here. 

For contact in Serbian, email is best as I am still learning the language and it is somewhat limited.  

Prices for all 20 x 30 canvas sheet paintings includes shipping. 

NOTE: photographic images for illustration purposes only. Not representative of final painting size. Be sure to check details.

Lives and Works: Serbia, Prokuplje

Craig Stronner joined SerbianaArt on Jul 22, 2023.

Random select artworks