Mrs.Todorovic Gordana-Goca was born in Belgrade where she staded and where she is now living and working.Gordana has been dealing with painting , icone painting and the creation of various works of art many yeras ago and intensively since 1998.She had 10 individual exibitions and about

30 collective ones in Serbia and America/St .Luis,St .Peters,Alaska/ and won  several different awards.Many pictures are abroad in the possession of art colectors in Serbia and out of country.Mrs Todorovic like to use vivid  colours  in  her paintings,uses diferent tehniques,like experiments and   inclines to impressionism and some times expressionism and modern arts.Her paintings are originals and hand made..




Lives and Works: Serbia, Beograd

Gordana Todorović joined SerbianaArt on Mar 6, 2023.

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