Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts, painting department in Belgrade. She has been exhibiting since 1999 in the country and abroad. Having no role model and not feeling belonging in any direction, she creates works that in most cases are on the border of abstract and figurative expression. She is a member of ULUPUDS.

The techniques she uses are mainly acrylic and mixed techniques on paper and canvas.

Group and solo exhibitions: New York, Phoenix, Tokyo, Seoul, Marbella, Berlin, Paris, Ohrid, Sofia, Belgrade...
She lives and works in Belgrade.

"I create so I exist".

The first lesson I learned so far in my art career is – patience..!

First, don’t jump and think about the latest work you did – it’s the best, great, amazing..!

Let it sleep for a day or two, or for a few hours, go out, take your eyes off the work for some time, and then come and look at it. You will be surprised how bad or how good it looks…

Patience also for finding the right exhibiting space and the right audience.

Patience for understanding your art and you.

Patience in front of the white canvas…Wait for your painting…take the right moment and catch it…

Patience – wait for yourself..!

The second lesson is – work…You need to work hard, everyday work is necessary I think…Only with a lot of work, you can take out of yourself the best...

The third lesson is – never doubt yourself – work, work, work..! If you don’t sell the painting, at the least you will feel better…

I have a habit of working every day. Some days are better than others, but you can catch the right day only if you work every day….otherwise, that day, that moment will be lost.

My routines in the studio are to play music then I look at what I did the other day…make some corrections if necessary…Then comes work on a new painting, finishing the previous one, or doing some small format works on paper. When I am in trouble with what to do next, I often do some drawings….

I am always in the zone of creativity…! The only conditions that I need for work are music and four walls, without an audience.


Danijela Jović is a painter who is also involved in music, thanks to modern technology. She is a multimedia artist who, despite her experiments, which we might rather call spiritual journeys, preserves the purely artistic values of paintings and drawings, aware of the contemporary visual challenge, as a broader and newer term than art. If we focus only on the painting area of her creativity, and for her it is fundamental, we will see the elements of a wider artistic activity. As a painter, she expresses herself in cycles that have an internal logic of development. Her painting world ranges from full to empty, from light to dark, between abstraction and figuration. (Dejan Đorić)

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Lives and Works: Serbia, Beograd

Jovic Danijela joined SerbianaArt on May 6, 2018.

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