Who is responsible for shipping the item to the buyer?
The seller is responsible for shipping the item to the buyer. All original artworks are shipped to the buyer directly from the seller's location. All shipping and returns are handled by the appropriate seller.

Where is the art shipped from?
Since each seller is responsible for shipping their art to the buyer, the art can be shipped from anywhere in the world, wherever the seller is located.

As a buyer, when do I pay for the shipping costs?
The seller will provide you with the shipping costs cost after they receive your order. Once the artist provides the shipping costs, you will have the opportunity to continue or cancel this order. If you choose to decline the shipping costs, then you will owe nothing and your order will be cancelled. If you accept the shipping costs, then the order proceeds as normal and you pay the order + shipping costs, before delivery.

As a seller, how should I package the art for shipping?
It is definitely recommended that you use your best judgment when packaging art for shipment. The more protection you can provide for the artwork in shipment, the better chances that it will arrive in perfect condition. A multi-layer approach often works best for packaging, such as wrapping the item first in paper, saran wrap, or some material that can protect the art from minor abrasions and ink transfers, etc. and then putting it in a sturdy box surrounding the item with at least 3 inches of Styrofoam, either blocks or peanuts, on all sides. Also be sure to securely tape every seam of the box. Ultimately, how you package your artwork for shipment is your choice. A packaging expert in your area, such as at FedEx or DHP Etc, could give you additional tips for your specific type of art.

Which shipping company is the art shipped through?
The shipping company (e.g UPS, FedEx, DHL, PTT, etc) used for shipping the order is the choice of the seller. If needed, you may contact the seller to see about requesting a specific shipping company.

As a seller, do I have to ship the order as soon as the buyer pays?
It is desirable that you deliver the order to the customer as soon as possible (or by agreement with the customer). On average, it takes up to 7 working days to process and send an order.

As a seller, do I need to send a package tracking number to the buyer?
Yes.   Be sure to provide the seller with the tracking number. This allows you and the buyer to easily track the shipment and, if needed, the tracking number also provides proof of shipment, such as in the case of a dispute.

As a seller, can I sell only in my own country?
Yes.   You can only sell in your own country. If for any reason you are not able to send your work abroad, you can specify for each item individually that the delivery is valid only for your country. Open your account and click on the "+Add" button in the menu on the right, then click on "Add Artwork". On that form, notice the question "Are you willing to ship internationally?", select "NO" and click the "Submit Artwork" button.